Spa & Wellness concepts

   Construction of spa and wellness centers is an art. We, at Spa Relax, use unique details and paneling, unparalleled spa design, high-quality technology at the execution and this makes us a desired partner. Together, we can build a place, where you’ll be able to enjoy unforgettable experiences.

We can offer a finished Spa concept from the design to the last detail of execution.



  1. Preparation of detailed interior projects for each room in the entire center, creation of spatial and functional conceptions for existing and new spa and wellness centers, development of the necessary therapies and procedures.
  2. Preparation of projects for electricity, water supply and sewerage and heating and ventilation.
  3. Working projects for execution.
  4. Preparation of full design of new functions in the wellness centers.
  5. Technological projects for execution and subsequently servicing as well.



  1. Development, manufacture and delivery of all necessary materials and equipment on site;
  2. Construction of walls, ceilings, preparation of the premises for laying the finishing coatings and paneling.
  3. Delivery and installation of modules and architectural details by request of the client.
  4. Installation of all designed equipment on site.
  5. Consultation during the construction works.
  6. Training of a managing team.
  7. Warranty and non-warranty servicing.
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