The ambitious and successful project of Spa Relax to create a bathroom which you can design yourself is now a fact – it is with us. Now you have the opportunity with only your fantasy to create your dream bathroom. We offer you real comfort of spirit and thought. The uniqueness of the bathrooms of Spa Relax comes from the opportunity to mix various shapes, colors and materials. Thanks to our material – expanded penopolystyrene, as well as the subsequent covering, we give you endless solutions in one product – beginning with moisture protection, efficient heat insulation to a high level of functionality and good basis for laying paneling. Our material is great for paneling of new and old wet and dry premises, for creation of shapes and uniqueness.

   Spa Relax gives you the opportunity to express yourself through shapes and colors, to model by yourself, to be designers of your own fantasies. Trust us, so that we can together create a unique and unparalleled product, which will give you long and trouble-free service – THIS IS YOUR BATHROOM.

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